This section of the Guidance for JSON service descriptions handbook provides guidance on service description requirements that are not originating from the SWIM Service Description specification.

Each requirement is made available on a separate web page for easy referencing and linking.

Each requirement page includes on a single page all information to satisfy the requirement. That is

  • Requirement. The requirement table (with identifier, statement, rationale, etc)
  • Guidance. General guidance to satisfy the requirement, if any
  • JSON Guidance. JSON guidance to satisfy the requirement, with
    • Schema: excerpt of JSON Schema and applicable rule 
    • Guidance: Guidance for producing the relevant part(s) of a JSON service description  
    • Example: one or 2 corresponding examples in JSON

This section goes beyond the Service Description specification. It covers requirements concerning service descriptions coming from other sources.

It allows service description authors to use the Service Description Handbook as the single entry point on guidance on JSON service descriptions.

Content of this section

List of other requirements for producing JSON service descriptions.