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Working towards the next version of the SWIM Supporting Material

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Examples of code




A service description should include or refer to examples of code exemplifying the implementation of the consuming interface.


Best practice to speed up prototyping.


Completeness: Not Applicable.

Consistency: If provided, verify that the provided examples correspond to the described service.

Correctness: Not Applicable.


Examples include source code in a given programming language, input and output messages.

Level of Implementation



No guidance provided.

Guidance for JSON service description 

tentative JSON Guidance

JSON Schema

The guidance concerns JSON Schema v0.0.3 (see Schema releases).

				"description" : "A document that relates to the information service.",
				"type" : "array",
				"items" : { "$ref":"#/definitions/Document" },
				"minItems": 1

		"Document" : 
			"description" : "A piece of written, printed, or electronic matter that provides information or evidence or that serves as an official record.",
			"type": "object",
			"additionalProperties": false,
					"description" : "The type of document.",
					"$ref" : "#/definitions/CodeDocumentType"
					"description" : "The name by which the document is formally known. [SWIM-SERV-005;SWIM-SERV-010]",
					"type" : "string"
					"description" : "The current version or revision level of the document.",
					"type" : "string"
					"description" : "The description of the document.",
					"type" : "string"
					"description" : "An external reference at which the document can be retrieved or consulted.",
					"type" : "string"

Rules expressed for the cases as defined in Registry URD.


JSON Guidance

Two cases must be distinguished depending on whether code example is being provided or not.

Case 1 - Code example is provided

Within "serviceDocument" field (itself within "serviceDescriptionReferences" field) create one or more instances of Document with type CODE_EXAMPLE.

See Guidance on serviceDocument on how to fill in documents.

message example

Use document type CODE_EXAMPLE even for message examples. Usage of document type "MESSAGE_EXAMPLE is deprecated.

Case 2 - No code example is provided

Nothing to be mentioned in the JSON service description

JSON example

case 1 - code example provided
	"serviceDocument": [
                    "documentType": "CODE_EXAMPLE"
                    "title": "Example of messages",
                    "version": "1.0",
                    "description": "A set of message examples",
                    "reference": "public:/2019-09/MessageExamples.txt",
case 2 - no code example provided

A complete JSON example is available in page JSON example - Donlon TOBT Setting service description.

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