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Update on tasks

Any other business



Table of Contents


Objectives of this meeting are:

  • work on tasks and identify new tasks
  • 2024 meeting schedule:
    • frequency: fewer "scheduled" meetings
    but longer in duration
    • - one every 4 months should be sufficient
    • format of the meetings: a round table discussion is a meeting
      • where experts gather together in order to discuss a particular topic
      • involving several people who talk about something as equals
      • face-to-face/hybrid
    • duration: has to be e.g. 1000-1600 to make travel worthwhile
  • but still with option for dedicated meetings

Update on tasks

Completed tasks

  • Draft specification for service definitions is open for consultation

Ongoing tasks

Artefacts to describe services
Service Definitions
  • ICAO Job Card progress
    • draft concept is available - it is aligned with our approach
  • supporting material needs identified:
    • can already recuperate some of the Service Design Activities work
    • guidance on registration aspects would be appreciated, taking into account the work of the ICAO Information Management Panel
    • guidance on quality of service and quality of data
      • It is proposed to explain the options available to implementers using supporting material e.g. publishing exact figures or schedules of outages etc.
    • templates - these can evolve from Service Definition Template if any changes are needed
Service Overviews
  • no updates
Service Descriptions
  • no updates
Service Metadata Schema
  • The "candidate" status allows upload without validation so there is no longer a need for a "service candidate schema".
  • Updates to:
    • quality of service
    • quality of data
      • that can serve as start of the supporting material.
SWIM service ecosystem
Service Harmonisation Resources
  • no updates
Service Registry
  • no updates
Service Portfolio
  • no updates
Service Developments
  • meteorological SWIM services:
    • comments are now being collected on the service definitions. Comments are expected by January 2024.
  • aeronautical SWIM services:
    • the service definitions are being discussed at ICAO level for inclusion (or reference) in AIS Manual Volume 4.
  • it would be good to start collecting experiences on service developments from SSCONE-SITCOM members

Any other business

  • Migrating to new confluence site: look and feel will be different, content will not.

Next meetings

The meeting schedule is maintained at SSCONE-SITCOM Meetings