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Example of a service overview for a fictitious service.

This example uses the same service as detailed at: Donlon TOBT Setting example.


12 Apr 2018, edition 0.04b.

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SWIM Supporting MaterialSWIM Supporting Material

Table of Contents

Service Name

TargetOffBlockTimeSetting Service

Service Version


Provider Organization

Donlon Airport Operator

Brief Description of the Service

The TargetOffBlockTimeSetting service supports the Airport CDM concept and its implementation by allowing A-CDM Partners, typically aircraft operators and ground handlers, with the capability to set the Target Off-Block Time (TOBT) that indicates the target time for the aircraft to be ready for Off-Block.

The service is part of a set of services supporting the Airport CDM concept and its implementation by providing the A-CDM partners with Common Situation Awareness about flights at a CDM airport.

Provider Point of Contact

To request access to the service: 

For Incidents on services in operation, contact the Service desk [24/7]: +693 555 01 [email protected] 

Additional Service Information

Additional service information can be found at the European SWIM registry  Or directly from document Donlon TOBT Setting Service Description.

Lifecycle Information

Operational since July 2017

Geographical Extent of Information

For flights departing from Donlon airport (EADD).

Quality of Service




99.95 % outside the planned outages (see schedule of planned outages)


2000 service requests per hour

Response time

2s delay for 95% of messages

Access Restrictions

The service is targeting aircraft operators and ground handlers for their flights at Donlon Airport. The access to the service is subject to the signature of a Service Level Agreement with the Donlon Airport Operator. The access to the service is based on user id and password.

The service may, as well, be used by the Donlon Tower Controllers in specific circumstances, such as under adverse conditions or other special circumstances.

Message Exchange Pattern

The service follows the Synchronous Request/Response Message Exchange Pattern.

Exchange Models

The service is using its own XML schema. Conformant with AIRM version 1.0.0.

Service Functions


real world effect

Allow the service consumer to set (i.e. define or update) the TOBT value for a specific flight.

The Target Off-Block Time (TOBT) value is defined

Allow the service consumer to delete the TOBT value for a specific flight.

The Target Off-Block Time (TOBT) value is undefined

 The A-CDM Implementation Manual defines the impact of the TOBT value at various stages of the A-CDM process. See Airport CDM Implementation Manual v4.

Filtering Available

No filtering options.

Source of Information

The information (TOBT value) is provided by the service consumer.

Support Availability

See sections Provider Point of Contact.

Service Validation

The service has not been validated yet.

Abbreviations & Acronyms




Airport Collaborative Decision Making


Collaborative Decision Making


System Wide Information Management


Target Off-Block Time