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The example below shows how the multiple traces can be embedded into an XML schema. The second trace is an additional trace needed to make the semantic correspondence specific. This is extracted from the complete example. Further help on mappings can be found on the Understanding and recording mappings page.

Code Block
titleExample of SWIM-INFO-018
<xs:element name="tobt" type="don:TargetOffBlockTime" id="donlon003" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1">
  <xs:documentation>The  Target Off-Block Time value to be set. TOBT is the time that an operator / handling agent estimates that an aircraft will be ready, all doors closed, boarding bridge removed, push back vehicle present, ready to start up / push back immediately upon reception of clearance from the TWR.
     <note>The TOBT maps to OffBlockReady, not OffBlock. This is clear in the definition.</note>     
     <trace type="informationConceptTrace">urn:aero:airm:1.0.0:LogicalModel:Subjects:Flight:FlightEvent:OffBlockReady@time</trace>     
     <trace type="narrowingTrace">urn:aero:airm:1.0.0:LogicalModel:Subjects:Common:Codelists:CodePlanningStatusType@TARGET</trace>