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The semantic correspondence requirements facilitate semantic interoperability , which is the ability of computer systems to exchange data with unambiguous, shared meaning.

The requirements ensure that information definitions conform to the semantics of the AIRM, the common reference language for iSWIM.


by making explicit how the information definition conforms to the semantics of the AIRM.

The requirements include SWIM-INFO-013 through SWIM-INFO-019 of the specification. The relationship between the requirements can be visualised below.

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The ideal situation is to have all the concepts in the information definition mapped to the AIRM. However, this is not always possible (e.g. when the information definition contains new concepts which have not been captured by the AIRM) or desirable (e.g. when the information definition has concepts that are not in the scope of the AIRM).

The specification allows different formats to be used in establishing the correspondence. It is also silent on the exact methods that you adopt to be adopted in order to build the semantic correspondences. This section of the handbook gives examples to be followed.

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