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Released JSON Schemas, and related documents


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JSON Service Description Schema 0.0.3

The schema defined by Registry is v0.0.3b. It is used for Operational Registry since March 2020.

titleseveral editions

The schema v0.0.3b lacks validation capability, so that new editions have been defined with validation capability. 

All editions share the same structure (same fields, same name, same organisation) they do however differ by validation capability.

As the rules differ by serviceType, there may be three separate schemas per edition.


Take the latest edition corresponding to your service type (compliant, candidate or definition) to allow for enhanced validation capability.

versionversion (date)description

SWIMRegistrySchema_v0.0.3f.json - improved instance validation

This results in 1 schema.


SWIMRegistrySchema_v0.0.3e.json - improved instance validation

  • Improvement alignment to registry validation rules that considers an empty string as a missing element.
  • The difference with v0.0.3d is checking that mandatory strings are not empty, with the systematic addition of "minLength": 1 for each mandatory string.

This results in 3 schemas.


Schema allowing to easily check a description of serviceType SWIM_CANDIDATE for the rules SWIM_COMPLIANT.
It's the same as 3d-Compliant, but allowing both service types SWIM_COMPLIANT and SWIM_CANDIDATE.


SWIMRegistrySchema_v0.0.3d.json - improved instance validation

  • Same structure as v0.0.3b. The difference with v0.0.3c is the systematic addition of "required": [...], which provide improved validation. Namely: it indicates which are the mandatory fields.

As mandatory fields are different according to the 3 service types, this results in 3 schemas.

The process and the implemented checks are explained in document Content Validation Criteria-for schema 3d.docx

  • For supporting doc and assessment, see v0.0.3b.

SWIMRegistrySchema_v0.0.3c.json - improved instance validation

  • Same structure as v0.0.3b. The difference is the systematic addition of "additionalProperties": false, which provide improved validation. Namely: it spots typos and other deviations from the schema.
  • For supporting doc and assessment, see v0.0.3b.



SWIMRegistrySchema_v0.0.3b.json - used for Operational Registry (Mar 2020)

Incorrect, but kept for traceability reasons

v0.0.3Jan 2020

Note on 24/02/20: This version is an incorrect release, as was not based on latest draft

  • Eg it uses incorrectly aIRMVersion instead of the correct airmVersion