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To support States in the publication of information on the UAS geographical zones in the common digital format as required by Article 15 (EU) 2019/947 the EASA issued respective AMC/GM making reference to the EUROCAE ED-269 standard. In the initial phase of application Member States and industry have identified some technical issues related to the use of the ED-269 standard. This web site, created and maintained by EUROCONTROL in support to EASA, is providing additional ‘Guidelines for GeoZones data sets’, with the aim to offer a common solution to these issues.

These guidelines pages include:

  • for each identified issue, its description and a proposed solution, considering both the provision of GeoZone data as stand-alone data sets and as part of a service;
  • an inventory of the GeoZones files provided by different States, with links to Web sites where these pages are available (as much as this information is available)
  • an information page dedicated to collecting input from implementers about the limitations of the current ED-269 standard and brief information about the work in progress on the upcoming ED-xxx standard, which will cover both GeoZones and for U-Space areas.

Work in progress

Not all the intended content is currently available. Additional pages are added to the site as the information becomes available.

Recent space activity

GeoZones - data providers

Information about the availability of geoZones data sets in the EASA Member Stares is available from on following web site:

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