Working towards the next version of the SWIM Supporting Material

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Working towards the next version of the SWIM Supporting Material

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This page details the service metadata schemas. The schema support the following artefacts:

  • service descriptions
  • service definitions
  • "candidate" service descriptions


In support of service descriptions

versiondetailslinksupporting material

Updated to reflect the latest version of the SWIM service description specification. service description

initial version used by the SWIM Registry

Note: This version is no longer used.

In support of service definitions

versiondetailslinksupporting material
v2.0.0initial version used by the SWIM Registry

The purpose of the service metadata schemas

The service metadata schemas provides a structured notation for describing services.

They aim to

  • facilitate harmonisation in describing services and
  • facilitate easier processing by systems. For example, the European SWIM Registry has developed functions to import and export service descriptions that use the schema. 

The schemas

  • benefit service providers in facilitating the production of service descriptions, including importing in registry and conformance to the SW specifications
  • benefit service consumers with enhanced harmonisation of service descriptions 
  • allow service descriptions to be processed by systems - this includes upload into a system, exchange between systems and transformation (e.g. to service overview).
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