Working towards the next version of the SWIM Supporting Material

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Working towards the next version of the SWIM Supporting Material

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This page concerns v2.0 of the Specification. Supporting material on v1.0 is SWIM-SERV-006 Service identification



Service identification




A service description shall include:

  • the name of the service; and
  • the version of the service.


This requirement ensures that a specific version of a service from a service provider can be uniquely identified. It makes clear what the subject of the service description is. It enables the identification and referencing of the service being described.


Completeness: Verify that the 2 elements are included

Consistency: Not Applicable.

Correctness: Not Applicable. 


Example service identifications:

  • “TargetOffBlockTimeSetting service, version 1.3.0”;
  • “FlightManagement service, version 20.0”.

Note: To improve readability across service descriptions, it is best practice to apply following conventions for a service name:

  • the name provides an indication of the purpose of the information service;
  • be a maximum of five words in length;
  • be represented using UpperCamelCase, and not use snake_case; and
  • not end with the ‘service’ suffix.

Note: It is a best practice for the service version to be provided in numerical format (n.n[.n]).

Level of Implementation



The name of the service is a piece of identifying information that gives stakeholders a way to reference or identify a service. It is best to include the service name only; avoid suffixing with "service".

The version is always provided regardless of whether or not there are multiple versions of a service. Each version of a service shall have its own completed description. This enables service consumers to distinguish between releases of the service.

Verification Support


Check that:

[  ] The service description includes a name for the service.

[  ] The service description includes a version for the service.


The following example shows the content as a table.

service identification

service name




The following example shows an extract of the content of a JSON file that conforms to the Service Metadata Schema

Example of SWIM-SERV-040 using Service Metadata Schema
"serviceIdentification": {
 "name": "TargetOffBlockTimeSetting",
 "version": "1.3.0"

Complete examples are available at Example service description.

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