Working towards the next version of the SWIM Supporting Material

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Working towards the next version of the SWIM Supporting Material

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This page concerns v2.0 of the Specification. Supporting material on v1.0 is SWIM-SERV-001 Description coverage.



Service description coverage




A service description shall describe a single service.


The readability of any service description is improved by keeping it focussed on one service.


Completeness: Not Applicable.

Consistency: Not Applicable.

Correctness: Verify that one and only one service is described.


Note: The specification covers implemented services, i.e., service instances. A service instance is the service deployed into a running ICT system.

Note: The term ‘service’ is used as shorthand for ‘service instance’ in this specification.

Level of Implementation



No specific guidance is needed for the general case.

When the service is composed of other services, consists of underlying services, such as for an orchestration, the objective of the service description is to describe the composed service as a single service. The goal is to allow the service consumer to make good use of that composed service without the need to understand the underlying complexity. Information on the underlying services may be added, but is not required by the specification.

It is good practice that a service appears as a black-box to its consumers.

The FAQ contains the following questions and answers to help when deciding the service to be described.

Verification Support


Check that:

[  ] The service description describes one and only one service.


Example service descriptions can be found in the European SWIM Registry

A fictional example is provided as part of this supporting material. See Example service description.

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