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Working towards the next version of the SWIM Supporting Material

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Guidance is for producing JSON service descriptions is available at Guidance for JSON service descriptions

Why JSON service descriptions

The European SWIM Registry has developed a JSON Schema for the import/export of service descriptions. 

That JSON Schema is a practical answer to the need for a template / schema as expressed by stakeholders in support of the production of service descriptions.

Such a schema 

  • benefits service providers in facilitating the production of service descriptions, including importing in registry and conformance to the SW specifications
  • benefits service consumers with enhanced harmonisation of service descriptions 
  • allows service descriptions to be processed by systems this includes upload into a system, exchange between systems, and transformation (eg to service overview).

Constraints on JSON service descriptions

The JSON service descriptions are constrained by

  • requirements. The service description spec requirements, but also some additional requirements (see below)
  • the JSON schema (see Service Metadata Schema
  • validation rules (within the Registry application)


Documentation within the schema

Each schema element is documented with a "documentation" annotation.

This "documentation" annotation includes

  • a small description for the element
  • a trace to the requirement(s) justifying the presence of this element

Validation rules

Service description requirements 

The following sources for service descriptions requirements have been identified:

  • the Service Description specification, 
  • the ICAO Service Overview requirements, 
  • the Registry requirements.

Service Description specification 

ICAO Service Overview 

  • Source = the draft ICAO Service Overview (see Service Overview from "Get into SWIM" session for a summary)
  • Rationale = by satisfying these additional requirements, a service description contains all elements to produce a service overview. The intention is that service description authors would write a single document the burden to produce to write a single document 
 Service Overview requirements [+]



Level of Implementation

Mandatory Requirements
SERV-OVW-001Field NameMandatory
SERV-OVW-002Service NameMandatory
SERV-OVW-003Service VersionMandatory
SERV-OVW-004Provider OrganizationMandatory
SERV-OVW-005Provider Point of ContactMandatory
SERV-OVW-006Brief Description of the ServiceMandatory
SERV-OVW-007Lifecycle InformationMandatory
SERV-OVW-008 Geographical extentGeographical Extent of InformationMandatory
SERV-OVW-009Quality of ServiceMandatory
SERV-OVW-010Access RestrictionsMandatory
SERV-OVW-011Message Exchange PatternMandatory
SERV-OVW-012Information Exchange ModelsMandatory
SERV-OVW-013Service ValidationMandatory

Optional Requirements
SERV-OVW-014Additional Service InformationOptional
SERV-OVW-015Service FunctionsOptional
SERV-OVW-016Filtering AvailableOptional
SERV-OVW-017 Sources of informationSources of InformationOptional
SERV-OVW-018Support AvailabilityOptional

SWIM EUR Registry 

  • Source = The SWIM EUR Registry User Requirements Document (URD)
  • Rationale = by satisfying these additional requirements, a service description can be imported in the SWIM EUR Registry and become discoverable. 
 Registry requirements [+]




[SWIM-REG-0001Registration of servicesThe registry shall be able to store the different attributes that describe a service instance and service definition. The complete list of attributes is listed in the Registry Information Model in Annex AThis is applicable to both service instances as well as service definitions.
SWIM-REG-0004 Service categorizationService categorizationThe Registry shall enable the classification of services based on a common Service taxonomy [Annex B] that facilitates the discovery and comparability of resources.This is applicable to both service instances as well as service definitions
[SWIM-REG-0005Import and Export of service 

The Registry shall enable the import and export of services based on a predefined service schema.

The import process will require the user to indicate the target object based on service name, version and provider. The import process will create a new service in the registry (if the target object didn’t exist), or replace an existing service (if the target object existed already) incrementing its service revision number.

The imported service will be stored as draft. The organization editor will be able to initiate the registration workflow after the import.

The export process creates an export file downloadable for the user based on the predefined service schema.

The predefined service schema is available in Annex B.
This is applicable to both service instances as well as service definitions.
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