Working towards the next version of the SWIM Supporting Material

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Working towards the next version of the SWIM Supporting Material

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A set of information service metadata intended to promote service discovery and an initial evaluation of the information service characteristics.


This page is based on draft material and will be updated when ICAO accepts the PANS-(SW)IM. This is expected to happen in Q3 2021.

Information Service Overview

In the context of the anticipated PANS-IM, a requirement is expected for information about global information services to be made available. For the purpose a Service Overview is defined as: “a set of information service metadata intended to promote service discovery and an initial evaluation of the information service characteristics.

Service providers use Service Overviews to publicise an operational service or prospective service, the latter announcing its future availability. This information allows information service consumers to discover information services.  

Good to know

The Service Orientation Process considers the Service Overview as an outcome of the design step (the service has "prospective" status). It is then updated during the implementation step and completed at deployment (the service has "operational" status).

Service Overview Fields




Explanation of Field

Service Name


The Service Name is a piece of identifying information that gives stakeholders a way to reference or identify a service.

Service Version


The Service Version distinguishes which release of the service the information in the overview pertains to.

Provider Organization


The name of the organization responsible for provision of the information service.

Brief Description of the Service


A brief summary of the service offering.


Point of Contact


A point of contact for the provider organization for the specific service.

Additional Service Information


Location at which more information, potentially including more detailed technical information, on a service may be found.

Lifecycle Information


Indication of which phase of the service development lifecycle the service is in as well as lifecycle timeline.

Geographical Extent of Information


Details of the geographic coverage of the information provided by the service.

Quality of Service


Qualitative and quantitative information pertaining to the performance characteristics of a service.

Access Restrictions


A description of any constraints on access to the service

Message Exchange Pattern


The Message Exchange Pattern used by the service.

Exchange Models


The exchange models adhered to by the service.

Service Functions


A business-level description of the service functions.

Filtering Available


An overview of which filters the provider offers to the consumer for the service.

Sources of Information


A description of the origins of information provided by the service along with an indication whether there were any subsequent modifications.

Support Availability


An overview of whether any service support may be offered to consumers.

Service Validation


Method of validation used to assess a service.

Service Overview Example

Donlon TOBT Setting Service Overviewfictitious example.