Working towards the next version of the SWIM Supporting Material

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Working towards the next version of the SWIM Supporting Material

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The SWIM Service Description specification prescribes the minimum set of elements to be contained in a service description. It doesn't prescribe any format for the service description. Whatever the format, it is important to be able to satisfy the requirements.

This section of the handbook provides hints at template and schema that you can use to structure the content of service descriptions in various formats.

Identified formats

The Example service descriptions provides some example formats. It includes:

  • web page
  • Word document
  • XML document
  • JSON document 

recommended format

The operational EUR SWIM Registry allows importing and exporting service descriptions in JSON format.

Guidance for JSON service descriptions v0.0.3d provide guidance for producing service descriptions in JSON format.





templateThis is a structure that can be copied into documents such as Word documents and completed by the authors.


  • efficiency (not re-inventing the wheel)
  • enhanced harmonisation between service description

This is a structure that is used directly. An example could be an XML Schema. Authors create XML files that are validated against the XML Schema.

Additional benefit

  • processing by systems, such as upload into or exchange between repositories
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