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Working towards the next version of the SWIM Supporting Material

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Conformance assessment report is used to capture the result of Conformance assessment.


A conformance assessment report is built by the service provider to communicate how far a service description conforms to the SWIM Service Description specification.

A conformance assessment report can be attached to the service description.

Main use - Final report - communicate conformance

When a service description is made available, the report helps

  • the service provider 
    • to show that the service description conforms to the specification;
  • the service consumer 
    • to gain confidence/trust in the service description

Side use - Draft report - manage conformance

Before the service description is published, the conformance assessment report helps the service provider to achieve conformance to the specification

example - during authoring

During authoring (i.e. while the service description is being produced), the report helps the service description author in capturing

  • how far the requirements are currently satisfied; 
  • the location of the corresponding information within the service description, and; 
  • any deviation to the requirement. 

example - during verification

During verification (i.e. when the service description is being verified), the reports helps  

  • understanding how far the service description conforms to the specification;
  • locating the required information in the service description.


Template that can be used to build a conformance report.

Note that according to the use by the service description author, the conformance information may include temporary information about the conformance to the requirement which would be reworked before publication.

Object under Assessment

Reference to the service description being assessed. Typically title, edition and reference date.



The status column indicates conformance to the requirement, id est how far the requirement is satisfied. The identified status values are

(tick)requirement satisfied
(error)Mandatory requirement not satisfied
(thumbs down)Recommended requirement not satisfied

Note: in draft assessment reports, the status may include additional temporary values.


The reference column indicates the location within the service description where the required information elements can be found. 

Example: section 2.3.5

Reference information can be omitted when the location is obvious. Examples are 1° sections matching the requirements in title and order; 2° use of a template or a schema that traces to the requirements.


The comment column provides any additional useful information. This includes justification for not satisfying a requirement.

Note: in draft assessment reports, the comment could include information about work to be done to satisfy the requirement.

Overall Assessment - (NOT) CONFORM

Overall result of the conformance assessment of the service description,

  • typically expressed as CONFORM or NOT CONFORM, 
  • complemented by a summary, counting the requirements per status value. Note: The sum of the counts should be equal to 29.

req countstatusstatus description
n1(tick)requirement satisfied
n2(error)Mandatory requirement not satisfied
n3(thumbs down)Recommended requirement not satisfied

Detailed assessment

Conformance assesssment of each requirement from the specification.


Example of use of the template: Conformance assessment - Donlon example