Working towards the next version of the SWIM Supporting Material

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Working towards the next version of the SWIM Supporting Material

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This page lists the changes that have been made to the content on this site.

SWIM Supporting Material
This site contains draft content for the next version of the supporting material for the EUROCONTROL SWIM specifications. The content is mature but is still subject to review, comment and change by the SWIM Community of Interest.

It is an evolution of the agreed and published content found on the SWIM Reference website.

DateEdition (if applicable)Page/subjectChange
2021-01-20-Service OverviewUpdated definition of service overview to be in line with the SWIM Reference glossary.

Overview of the SWIM-TEC


Updated link to new version of the TIYP Specification. Added link to the resources on the SWIM reference site. Added new definition "authentication".
2020-07-09-SWIM Supporting MaterialUpdated the additional resources to remove broken links and add links to SWIM reference website and the SWIM Registry.

FAQ - Semantic correspondence

Deciding to use an exchange model

New pages added based on agreements of SWIM Community of Interest
2020-06-17-SWIM Supporting Material

Changed the banner that applies to the whole site to make status clear.

Added footer with status that applies to all pages.

Added reference to the SWIM reference site which hosts the "formal" version of the handbook.

Added additional status messages to the top-level pages.

Moved Change Log so it applies to the whole site.


-SWIM-SERV-008 Service providerAdded JSON Guidance


-SWIM-SERV-010 Service standard referenceAdded JSON Guidance


-Format of service descriptionsAdded JSON to the list of formats


-SWIM-SERV-024 Filter capabilitiesAdded JSON Guidance (as a tentative)


-SWIM-SERV-017 Message exchange patternAdded JSON Guidance (as a tentative)


-JSON example - Donlon TOBT Setting service descriptionNew page added. Donlon example in JSON format


1.0.0complete handbook The Service Description and Information Definition Handbooks have been updated from v1.0.0 alpha to v1.0.0.


1.0.0 alpha2SWIM-SERV-017 Message exchange patternnew guidance "Understanding message exchange patterns"
20191.0.0 alphacomplete handbookThe Service Description and Information Definition Handbooks v1.0.0 alpha
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