Ongoing discussions within the SWIM communities of interest

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Ongoing discussions within the SWIM communities of interest

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Task Status

This page is part of the ongoing SWIM communities of interest discussions. The content is working material. It should not be treated as final as it is still subject to review, comment and change.

Task to create the SWIM Service Definition Specification.

Pre-validation - Drafting - Consultation - Publication - Monitoring, maintenance and evolution

Current working draft (out for consultation)

Older working drafts (not ready for publication)

The history of the work for the updated version:

1service_definition_specification_draft_v0.8.docxThe version after the SSCONE meeting of 9 October that can be submitted for consultation.2023-10-10
2service_definition_specification_draft_v0.7.docxTo be discussed at SSCONE. Some comments processed.2023-10-06
3service_definition_specification_draft_v0.6.docxTidied up and ready to submit to SSCONE2023-09-19
4service_definition_specification_draft_v0.5.docxUpdated after end of drafting group work. Needs to be tidied up before can be handed to SSCONE and then consultation step.2023-09-19
5Updated after third round of comments and review.2023-09-13
6Updated after second round of comments and review. Focus was on the rationales, verification/validation, notes/examples for the requirements.2023-07-26
7Updated after first round of comments and review. Focus was on the introduction.2023-06-27

Completed integration of the baseline material from confluence and the service description specification.

Use some examples from Aeronautical SWIM Services


Initial document loaded from the Service definitions minimum content confluence page into the EUROCONTROL Specification template.

Some text was copied from the Service Description Specification.

This is the baseline to start the work and is not complete.



After consultation/publication
Resolve comments received
Not started
Discuss supporting materialOnce the specification is published we will create supporting materialNot started
Prepare for consultation
Prepare cover note
Prepare website text
Second draft phase
Review completed draft within the task team
Review completed draft within SSCONE
DoneUse October meeting as the target for approval
First drafting phase
Review text of requirementsThe requirements have been harvested from the confluence website.DoneAssumption is that the text on confluence is already good. They are currently in use so we should only have a quick review for now.
Review introductionThis will ensure the scope, purpose and applicability are understoodDoneThis can be based on what we have on confluence already. However, this needs a refresh.
Review rationalesWe can get inspired by those in the service description specification but need to be careful of the different purposes.Done
Review verification/validationWe can get inspired by those in the service description specification.Done

Review notes/examples

We can get inspired by those in the service description specificationDone
Finish conformance checklist, definitions, abbreviations, etc.The tidy up at the end.Done
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