Ongoing discussions within the SWIM communities of interest

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Ongoing discussions within the SWIM communities of interest

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Task Status

This page is part of the ongoing SWIM communities of interest discussions. The content is working material. It should not be treated as final as it is still subject to review, comment and change.

A list of service developments that can be used to gain experience, identify good practices and opportunities to improve the supporting materials.

Meteorological SWIM ServicesThe suite of meteorological information services outlined in the SESAR Deployment Plan.StartingService Definitions will be created by MET3SG.
Aeronautical SWIM Services

The suite of aeronautical information services to:

  • satisfy requirements outlined in the SESAR Deployment Plan and
  • support ICAO Annex 15 digital data sets.

Service Definitions are available.

Prototype data set service implementations are available.

Airport Data Toolkit

INEA sponsored project.

Has developed two services:

  • Aeronautical Feature Information Service (AIFS)
  • Aiport Mapping Information Service (AMIS)

Service Descriptions have been developed.

These have been converted to ICAO Service Overviews.

Test services deployed.

Presented at 2020-10-12-SSCONE-SITCOM.

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