Ongoing discussions within the SWIM communities of interest

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Ongoing discussions within the SWIM communities of interest

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Released JSON Schemas, and related documents

Service Description Schema

V0.0.3 - current

See Service Metadata Schema within SWIM Service Description Handbook.

V0.0.2 - obsolete

versionversion (date)description
v0.0.2Jun 2019

SWIMRegistrySchema_v0.0.2.json - used for Development Registry (Sep 2019)

Service Overview Schema

important note

the service overview schema is a local initiative, within Eurocontrol, to illustrate in JSON an understanding of the draft ICAO documents. 

versionversion (date)description

2020.02.1c_ICAO Service Overview.json - improved instance validation

  • Same structure as below. The difference is the systematic addition of "additionalProperties": false, which provide improved validation. Namely: it spots typos and other deviations from the schema.

2020.02.1_ICAO Service Overview.json - early try

  • tentative JSON schema trying to respect draft provisions to the letter.
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