Ongoing discussions within the SWIM communities of interest

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Ongoing discussions within the SWIM communities of interest

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Improve the quality of the handbook publicly available

Status: on-going. Target September.

  • several pages split / moved out of public area
  • first round: 15-28/06/19

Check each handbook page for quality. This may result in

  • page improvements
  • page removed from public access


The public handbook (i.e. the version of the handbook visible to public) should only contain completed and validated work.

Elements still being discussed, such as  "Work in Progress", should remain within the Community and not be made available to the public.


access right

We use the Confluence mechanism allowing to define access right at page level.

page kind

The access right at page level will result in 2 kinds of pages: public pages and community pages.

page kinddescriptionpublic accesscommunity access
public pagepage with public access, with completed and validated material(tick)(tick)
community pagepage with community access, with material underwork / being discussed(error)(tick)

As a result, the public handbook is the set of public pages.


page name

To easily distinguish public pages from community pages, the name of a community page is prefixed by '-'.

splitting pages

For material that is not completed, such as "work in progress", the current page might be split into 2 pages

  • a public page, with that part of the material that can be made available to the public
  • a community page, with that part of the material that is still underwork.


comments on public pages

Community members are able to provide comments on any handbook page, including public pages.

Such comments indicate discussion within the community and should not be made visible to the public. Confluence however does not allow to restrict access to comments. So that comments made on public pages are visible by the public, which is not desirable. 


Each handbook page needs be checked for suitability for going public.

Fitness criteria for public pages

Criteria to be fulfilled by a page to be allowed in the public handbook

  • Absence of elements indicating that the material is underwork or being discussed. 
    • Notes indicating "Need", "Work in Progress", or "discussion" are not allowed in the public handbook. 
    • The pages containing such notes are either split or become community pages.
  • Absence of comments. 
    • Comments are not allowed in the public handbook.
    • Comments are either processed or moved to a community page.
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