Ongoing discussions within the SWIM communities of interest

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Ongoing discussions within the SWIM communities of interest

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Task Status

This page is part of the ongoing SWIM communities of interest discussions. The content is working material. It should not be treated as final as it is still subject to review, comment and change.

This page covers work on:


Service definitions (and other service related artefacts) are defined in the SWIM reference glossary

Service definitionA document, issued by a community of interest, used to harmonize service implementations.
Service descriptionInformation needed in order to use, or consider using, a service.
Service overviewA set of information service metadata intended to promote service discovery and an initial evaluation of the information service characteristics.
Formal arrangementAn agreement, formally established between the Service Provider and the Service Consumer, to define the conditions for the provision of a Service.


It is important to disambiguate the terms as they share some commonalities in purpose and scope. It is possible to represent the commonalities and differences as follows:

termpurposeproduced byused byconcernscontainscan be registeredapplicable requirements
Service definitionharmonize service implementationsa community of interest (collaboratively)service providertype of serviceservice metadatayesSSCONE Confluence Page
Service description

in order to use a service

consider using a service

service providerservice consumerservice instanceservice metadatayesEUROCONTROL Service Description Specification
Service overview

initial evaluation of the information service characteristics

service providerservice consumerservice instanceservice metadatayes (once published and Registry adapted accordingly)ICAO SWIM PANS / Manual
Formal arrangementcontract when using a serviceagreement of service provider and service consumerspecific service consumer (and service provider)service instanceagreementsnoNegotiation, Regulation, Specifications...

Note: Service overviews "promote service discovery" according to the definition. However, this ability is not confined to service overviews. The SWIM Registry promotes service discovery.

Overview of artefacts landscape

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