Ongoing discussions within the SWIM communities of interest

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Ongoing discussions within the SWIM communities of interest

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Update on tasks

Any other business



Objectives of this meeting are:

  • work on tasks

Update on tasks

Completed tasks


  • The FAQ on HTTP error codes was made live.
SWIM service ecosystem
Service Categories

Ongoing tasks

Artefacts to describe services
Service Definitions supporting material
  • no updates yet. A3SG will start to use the templates soon. (See for the work they are doing.)
Service Descriptions supporting material
  • Comments to be resolved
    • SWIM-SERV-240 Service interfaces - If the fully qualified network address is not provided for e.g. security reasons, what text should be used?
    • If you have ideas please send them to the group.
Conformance/compliance assessment report templates
  • Questions to be addressed:
    • How do I describe a service that uses GraphQL?
    • If you have ideas please send them to the group.
SWIM service ecosystem
Documenting the use of standardised implementations
  • The existing comments were reviewed and the pages will be updated accordingly.
  • Comments made during the meeting will be added to the pages.
  • The comments are of different natures:
    • ensuring proper documentation in a service description
    • ensuring harmonised design/implementation

Design/Implementation comments

High-level architecture

  • The group pointed out that AMQP, WFS, REST, etc. can be used by the same service. For example, an AMQP message may contain a link to data to be accessed over WFS. There may be a need to build some guidance on how to document these composite services (e.g. as different interfaces in the same service).
Service Categories - Using the Service Type
  • Service Concepts.pptx was used as a brief introduction to the service types category. It had been presented to the A3SG.
  • A meeting will be organised to continue the work.
  • There is a chance to benefit from the other groups doing similar work.
Service Portfolio and Service Categories - Service Type
  • Open request:
    • provide examples of the typical exchanges that can be mapped to a given category e.g. what falls under “Capacity, demand and flow information”.
    • Hopefully the work on service categories will help answer this.

Any other business

  • Registry

    • Integrating the new schema. Changes to the Registry will be presented at the next meeting so we can assess any impact on us.

Next meetings

Meeting schedule is maintained at SSCONE-SITCOM Meetings

Next progress meeting is 7 November 2022.

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