Ongoing discussions within the SWIM communities of interest

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Ongoing discussions within the SWIM communities of interest

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Meeting Details

26 September 2019

Webex meeting


2Introduction to the topics and way of working1405
3Discussion on  Understanding and recording mappings1415
4Discussion on Recording metadata required by the specification1515

Any other business

  • Managing SITCOM

Managing SITCOM

From now on there are two types of meeting:

  • “administrative” meetings will be held in conjunction with SSCONE (see SSCONE-SITCOM Meetings). This will avoid duplication in the administrative effort. However, no SITCOM technical work will take place in these meetings.
  • "technical sessions” have been established for the discussions on SITCOM related tasks. The idea is to move to live editing during these sessions. This will hopefully speed up the tasks in SITCOM and reduce the need for a commenting-editing-reviewing-commenting… cycle. The new approach is inspired by the Information Modelling Team (IMT) from SESAR.
    • EUROCONTROL will provide the resources for the live editing and capturing the feedback during the session.
    • Confluence accounts are still available for those who want to leave comments in the public forum.
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