Ongoing discussions within the SWIM communities of interest

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Ongoing discussions within the SWIM communities of interest

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Date: 26 Aug 2019  1400-1530

webex link:   |  706 775 248     




2Update on tasks14:1040'


Objectives of this meeting are:

  • combining webexes with SITCOM
  • feedback from review
  • progress on the tasks

Combining SSCONE & SITCOM meetings

Motivation: Avoid repetition in administrative area. Overlap in content and membership. Better use of your time.

The idea has been accepted last week by SITCOM members, and now by SSCONE members.

The schedule of the combined meetings will follow that of SSCONE Meeting Notes.

Feedback from previous meetings

Notes from previous meeting are in 2019-07-15 SSCONE webex.

Update on tasks

The updated task list is at SSCONE Tasks.

Feedback on review

Feedback was requested on changes in the handbook.

Eg New part of the supporting material: Additional Resources

requirements without guidance

Provide a page for every requirement and say “no further guidance is provided” where appropriate.

Status: completed on 13/6/19


Conformance assessment

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Quality Assurance Handbook

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One SSCONE member porvided comments on following requirements. These comments were further discussed during the meeting 

Other tasks

Service Identification Document (SID)

Making the "A-CDM services identification document" available as an example. See -Service Identification Document

Comment : This would be a good idea to work on. It relates to the Basic steps to new services, specifically to the identification step in the Service Orientation Process. It could result in a template for use by others.

available for review2

The SID is available for review.

The other tasks have not been discussed.

Any other business

Use of specifications


  • Progress on use of the spec?
  • Difficulties encountered?
  • Examples to be shared, or to work on?

Next meetings

Meeting schedule is maintained at SSCONE Meeting Notes.

Next Webex on 7th Oct 1400: combined SITCOM & SSCONE.

Reserve the dates for the SWIM Service Implementation Workshop on 9-11 December (09/12 1330 - 11/12 1230). The 2019-12-09 to 11 SWIM Service Implementation Workshop is a response to the wishes expressed at the "Get into SWIM" session.

Question: Should we hold a SWIM COI F2F on the day after the workshop (12 Dec)?

  • One member indicates his preference to combine meetings.
  • One member points at a possible need for a F2F before the end of the SWIM Governance Implementation Project.

Close meeting

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