Ongoing discussions within the SWIM communities of interest

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Ongoing discussions within the SWIM communities of interest

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Date: 15 Jul 2019  1400-1530

webex link:   |  706 775 248     




2Update on tasks14:1040'


Objectives of this meeting are:

  • progress on the tasks
  • material available for review

Feedback from previous meetings

Notes from previous meeting are in 2019-06-11 SSCONE webex.

Update on tasks

The updated task list is at SSCONE Tasks.

TaskOutline & statusNotePriority
requirements without guidance

Provide a page for every requirement and say “no further guidance is provided” where appropriate.

Status: completed on 13/6/19

for review1

Conformance assessment

Help in assessing conformance to the spec: what is needed; how is it assessed; and why.

Status = handbook updated on 14/6/19

for review

Quality Assurance Handbook

Improve the quality of the handbook publicly available

Status: on-going. Target September.

  • several pages split / moved out of public area
  • first round: 15-28/06/19

for review2
Service Identification Document (SID)

Making the "A-CDM services identification document" available as an example. See -Service Identification Document

Comment : This would be a good idea to work on. It relates to the Basic steps to new services, specifically to the identification step in the Service Orientation Process. It could result in a template for use by others.

for review2
Service Categories

SWIM-SERV-009 Service categories : rework terminology and reference to existing schemes

  • notion of "scheme" not very clear

  • example confusing

Service Categorisation Scheme : Example not very clear: confusion between serv desc & registry categories

  • Separate the Registry categories
  • Separate Status (as this is added to cover non-implemented categories)


To be update with some of the questions raised during the meeting 2019-05-23 SSCONE F2F

SWIM compliance

After presentation from representative of the SWIM Governance Implementation Project (see 2019-05-23 SSCONE F2F)

spec context

After presentation from representative of the SWIM Governance Implementation Project (see 2019-05-23 SSCONE F2F)

  • Add a diagram to link the various groups e.g. EASCG


It would be nice to look at changes in the handbook, and provide feedback.

Eg New part of the supporting material: Additional Resources

  • with material out of "Get into SWIM"
  • including the notion of Service Overview, with an example

Any other business

Use of specifications


  • Progress on use of the spec?
  • Difficulties encountered?
  • Examples to be shared, or to work on?

Next meetings

Meeting schedule is maintained at SSCONE Meeting Notes.

Next Webex on 26th Aug. 1400

There is a plan to hold some sort of "SWIM Event" 9-11 December. This is in response to the wishes expressed at the "Get into SWIM" session. More information will follow but reserve the dates already. 

Close meeting

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