Ongoing discussions within the SWIM communities of interest

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Ongoing discussions within the SWIM communities of interest

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Date: 28 Jan 2019  1400-1530

webex link:   |  706 775 248     




2Feedback from previous webex14:105'
3Update on tasks14:1530'
4Discuss CR14:4530'
5Use of specifications15:155'
6Next meetings15:2010'


Objectives of this meeting are:

  • progress on the tasks
  • start discussing the Change Request on the specification

Feedback from previous meeting

SSCONE web pages

In addition to the SWIM Service Description Handbook we now have

  • SSCONE Meeting Notes - with the list of all meetings (past, present or future) and their notes
  • SSCONE Tasks - with the list of tasks (completed, active or potential) and their related actions

Action list

Short-term actions identified during 2018-12-10 SSCONE webex.

  • Organise regular webexes (closed): Organised. Every 6 weeks, on Monday 1400, from this meeting on.
  • Organise combined F2F (closed-reopened): Re-Doodle.

Update on tasks

The task list is at SSCONE Tasks.

Finalise initial handbook

Finalise initial handbook

Get an initial version of the SWIM Service Description Handbook approved for publication.

Status = Task is completed (23/4/19).

  • Action (all): provide review comments by 5/3/19

Comments received from: -

Question: Intention to provide comments?

Question: Anything to be discussed?


  • Several people indicated their intention to provide comments.
  • Comments are accepted in whatever form (email, commented or tracked chnage Word document, etc).
    Note that Confluence allows you to provide comments within the corresponding web page (provided you are logged in); this allows sharing comments easily. 
    • 1° select the text you want to comment
    • 2° click on the commenting icon that appears 
    • 3° input your comment

Review the Donlon example

Review the Donlon example

Review the Donlon TOBT Setting Service Description according to a series of viewpoints.

Status = task is closed (23/4/19).

  • Action (all): provide review comments by 5/3/19

Comments received from: -

Question: Intention to provide comments?

Question: Anything to be discussed?


Conformance assessment





Conformance assessment

Help in assessing conformance to the spec: what is needed; how is it assessed; and why.

Status = handbook updated on 14/6/19


Preparation started. Nice subject to be discussed at F2F.

Question: anyone willing to prepare and present the compliance point of view from the SWIM Governance Implementation Project?


  • Agreed to be put as agenda point for the F2F. 
  • There should be a focus on interoperability. In particular: Is the service sufficiently described? Is the description valid? Is it complete?
  • Coordination is required with with SWIM Governance IP to get someone to explain SWIM Governance IP view on SWIM compliance
    • Action: check what is the best way to coordinate on this subject.

Discuss: Process Change Request 168/1

Process Change Request 168/1

Analyse and provide advice on the proposed approach for handling CR 168/1.

Coordinated with SITCOM  Process change request 169/1.

Status = Task is completed (23/5/19)

To be closed by next F2F.


  • One COI member mentions that AIRM conformance may come for free when using an Exchange Model (such as AIXM or FIXM) that is already traced to AIRM.
  • One COI member prefers the option "revert back", as semantic interoperability is an essential goal to achieve.

Any other business

Use of specifications


  • Progress on use of the spec?
  • Difficulties encountered?
  • Examples to be shared, or to work on?

Next meetings

Meeting schedule is maintained at SSCONE Meeting Notes.
Next Webex on Mo 11 Mar 14:00.

Issue with Webex 22 Apr

Meeting 22 Apr falls on holiday in Belgium. Need to be moved.

Question: Ok to move meeting the day after, on Tu 23 Apr same time?


  • move meeting to 23rd Apr

Combined F2F with SITCOM 

Issue with date (hotel availability and price). Doodle re-opened for alternative dates. Please fill in the doodle by Th 31st Jan 2019

Question: someone interested in presenting something? In sharing experience?

Close meeting

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