Ongoing discussions within the SWIM communities of interest

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Ongoing discussions within the SWIM communities of interest

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Date: 10 Dec 2018  1400-1530

webex link:   |  706 775 248     




2Feedback from F2F meeting14:1015'
3Confluence tool14:2515'
4Current tasks14:4015'
5Introduce Change Request14:5515'
6Tasks & Priorities15:1015'
7Next meetings15:255'
8Any other business15:30-

Agenda Items



Objectives of this meeting are:

  • progress on the handbook (incl feedback F2F, tooling, content)
  • start discussing Change Request on the specification

Feedback from 2018-10-03 SSCONE F2F

CoI name 

SSCONE (SWIM Service Community of Interest).

Structure of the Handbook

The structure is approved. Seeking further alignment between SWIM Service Description Handbook and SWIM Information Definition Handbook in style and structure.


Decision to use a common fictitious example (Donlon TOBT Setting example) for the supporting material of the 3 SWIM specifications.

Material from SWIM Governance Implementation Project

Sharing of material developed in the context of that project. As restrictions apply, the XML Schema is sent to those requesting it.

Airspace Management (ASM) system perspective

The presentation from Dominique Guillerm on the move to SOA for the Airspace Management systems generated much interest.


Currently, members prefer bringing ideas and reviewing, rather than authoring.

Confluence tool

The SWIM instance of the Confluence tool is fully working. It contains 2 spaces for our use.

1) the space on SWIM Supporting Material 

Space dedicated to the Supporting Material for the SWIM foundational specifications.

The space contains the supporting material as approved by the SWIM CoIs, such as the SWIM Service Description Handbook from SSCONE.

The space is available to all in read mode (fully public). 

SWIM CoI members can add review comments.

2) the space on SWIM Community of Interest 

Space dedicated to the SWIM CoI.

The space contains working material needed by the SWIM CoI, such as meetings, tasks, etc. See for instance the SSCONE - SWIM Service Community of Interest pages.

The space is internal to the SWIM CoI, available to all SWIM CoIs members in read mode, and to authors in write mode.

This page exists in that space.

As a SSCONE member, you should have received a mail inviting to join that space.

Outcome: People generally can access. Note: access requires an OST account.

Managing material underwork

Material underwork should not be accessible to public.

Such material would

  • either be stored in the SWIM CoI space and be moved to SWIM Supporting Material when ready for publication
  • or be stored in the SWIM Supporting Material space, with specific naming and access restricted to the SWIM CoI members).

Depending on practicalities, either option might be used.

Current tasks 

Finalise initial handbookGet an initial version of the handbook approved for publication
  • Action (all): provide review comments by 5/3/19

Review the Donlon exampleReview according to a series of viewpoints
  • Action (all): provide review comments by 5/3/19

List candidate topics beyond spec's scopeIdentify topics according needs and requests expressedDone.
Process Change Request 168/1Analyse and provide advice on approach for handling the CR

Note: To be closed by next F2F.

The status of active tasks is maintained in SSCONE Tasks.

Discuss Change Request

Consulting the CoI in how to best handle the CR 168/1.

See Process Change Request 168/1.

Tasks & Priorities

source = Consultation ; FAQ ; -SSCONE kickoff survey ; and needs expressed during meetings

individual requirementsrequirements for which supporting material is needed

req xxxxxx

general subjectssubjects not related to an individual

Conformance assessment

Helping assessing conformance to the spec. See Conformance assessment report and -Verification checklist for serv desc

What is actually needed and why? How is conformance assessed?

Meeting comment: Explain conformance, verification, compliance. (could / should be sharable with SITCOM and SWIM-TEC). If different, explain why

Clarify links with other SWIM specsMake a clear picture of the how the 2 other SWIM specs relate to the SWIM Serv desc spec

FAQMeeting comment: valuable source

Outdside spec's scope

Basic steps for new services

checklist with all steps for new services

This could be based on the following grouping of activities: Service Identification, Service Design, Service Implementation, and Service Deployment.

Meeting comment: Interesting. Give confidence feeling.


Describing non-implemented services

This has alsready been started in -non-implemented service

Harmonising service design

Possible re-use of output from SESAR 1. See eg naming conventions, Service design

SWIM compliancerequires coordination with SWIM Governance Implementation Project

The status of potential tasks is maintained in SSCONE Tasks.

Outcome: See expressed interest in priority column.

Next meetings

Options for Webexes

  • fixed agenda (see for instance the example of SITCOM, with a webex every 6 weeks) vs 
  • ad hoc with doodle

Outcome: fixed schedule, on Monday 1400-1530 every 6 weeks.

Next F2F

  • Around end Mar -beg Apr 2019? 
  • Back-to-back with SITCOM? 

Outcome: back to back; beg Apr.

Any other business

Close meeting

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