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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Note" with value "predecessor of the [[Enhanced Tactical Flow Management System]] (ETFMS)". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Copter Final Approach Course  + (Whole degrees in three numeric characters, for example: '030', '120', '127'.)
  • Level bust  + (Within RVSM airspace this limit is reduced
    Within RVSM airspace this limit is reduced to 200 feet.(EUROCONTROL - HEIDI) Definitions applied by other organisations are similar but sometimes refer to a deviation of 300 feet or more. The level bust issue only relates to aircraft in controlled airspace or a designated ATZ outside controlled airspace and under either radar or procedural ATC control. (Note source: Skybrary, URL:
  • Benefit  + (Within a CBA, benefits should cover costs for the project to be economically viable. Examples of benefits are additional revenues or cost savings to stakeholders.)
  • Engineered Materials Arresting System  + ([EMAS is a] passive system that will reliably & predictably crush under the weight of an aircraft.)
  • European Common Aviation Area  + ([The ECAA is to be] "based on mutual marke
    [The ECAA is to be] "based on mutual market access to the air transport markets of the Contracting Parties and freedom of establishment, with equal conditions of competition, and respect of the same rules — including in the areas of safety, security, air traffic management, social harmonisation and environment".
    nt, social harmonisation and environment".)
  • Slot Tolerance Window  + ([[ETFMS]] uses a Slot Tolerance Window (STW) for regulated flights and a [[Departure Tolerance Window]] (DTW) for non regulated flights. These windows are used for the production of statistics and for the processing of DPI messages.)
  • Holding stack  + (also called: stack)
  • Air traffic management  + (also found: ATMCP-related definition of "a
    also found: ATMCP-related definition of "air traffic management": (ATMCP) The dynamic and integrated management of air traffic and airspace — safely, economically, and efficiently — through the provision of facilities and seamless services, in collaboration with all parties.
    rvices, in collaboration with all parties.)
  • Passenger aircraft  + (alternative ICAO definition: An aircraft primarily designed and configured for the transport of persons and their accompanying baggage.(doc. 9626, Manual on the Regulation of International Air Transport)
  • Collaboration Human Machine Interface  + (previously called: Common Human Machine Interface)
  • Time-Based Separation  + (related article on EUROCONTROL homepage [])
  • Traffic  + (see also the more recent official ICAO definition for [[air traffic]])
  • Enhanced Tactical Flow Management System  + (successor of the [[CFMU Tactical System]]
    successor of the [[CFMU Tactical System]] (TACT). It receives data from the Integrated Initial Flight Plan Processing System ([[IFPS]]) and the Environment Database (ENV) systems as well as actual (live) data from the Air Navigation Service Providers ([[ANSP]]) and meteorological data.
    viders ([[ANSP]]) and meteorological data.)
  • Use case  + (term and definition standardized by ISO/IEC [ISO/IEC 19762-1:2008])
  • Air Traffic Flow Management  + (term replaced by [[Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management]])
  • Slot Requirement Cancellation message  + (the SLC may be due to the change in parameters of an existing restriction or its cancellation, or to the reception of a message from AOs such as DLA, CHG, and FCM.)