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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Note" with value "For example: In, Out, or On Border". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Procedure Identification  + (Examples of the naming convention are specified in PANS-OPS Doc. 8168, Vol. 2, Part 1, Section 4, Chapter 9.)
  • Runway incursion  + (FAA adopted the ICAO definition of "runway incursion" in 2007: FAA order 8020.11C)
  • Fly-by-wire system  + (FBW also includes 'fly-by-light', in which the same effects are accomplished through fiber-optic cables. Power-by-wire', means the actuators themselves are electric.)
  • Flight Information Exchange Model  + (FIXM increases interoperability among all
    FIXM increases interoperability among all air traffic stakeholders by mediating interactions between Air Traffic Management systems, airspace users, transportation authorities, security and defense authorities, logistics and transportation providers, and many more.
    d transportation providers, and many more.)
  • Air Traffic Service Route Segment Availability  + (Factors include conditions such as traffic flow and time constraints. For example: CDR1 or SPECIAL.)
  • General Air Traffic  + (For ATFCM purposes only.)
  • Rate  + (For Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management (ATFCM) purposes, this number is expressed in hourly values.)
  • Air traffic control clearance  + (For convenience, the term “air traffic con
    For convenience, the term “air traffic control clearance” is frequently abbreviated to “clearance” when used in appropriate contexts. The abbreviated term “clearance” may be prefixed by the words “taxi”, “take-off”, “departure”, “en-route”, “approach” or “landing” to indicate the particular portion of flight to which the air traffic control clearance relates.
    the air traffic control clearance relates.)
  • Vertical Datum Name  + (For example, 'AMSTERDAM GAUGE', 'NEWLYN',
    For example, 'AMSTERDAM GAUGE', 'NEWLYN', 'WGS84', 'MSL', 'AGL', etc. A datum is a mathematical model (for example: ellipsoid) or reference point, of the earth from a geometric, geodetic, and gravitational point of view built on the scientific and technological knowledge available at the moment.
    logical knowledge available at the moment.)
  • Point Abeam  + (For example, a point on the runway centerline is 'abeam' the Glide Slope Antenna when the distance from the centerline point to the antenna is a minimum.)
  • Supporting metric  + (For example, cost-per-flight-indicator = S
    For example, cost-per-flight-indicator = Sum(cost)/Sum(flights). Performance measurement is done through the collection of data for the supporting metrics (e.g. this leads to a requirement for cost data collection and flight data collection). (''same source'')
    light data collection). (''same source''))
  • Standard level sector  + (For example, in France, IFR odd RVSM levels are used between 0 and 179 degrees.)
  • Aeronautical Unit Designator  + (For example, in the case of an Area Contro
    For example, in the case of an Area Control Center (ACC) the ICAO Location Indicator as specified in Doc. 7910. An Aeronautical unit is an organization established for the purpose of supplying aeronautical services such as, Air Traffic Management (ATM), Search and Rescue, Communications.
    (ATM), Search and Rescue, Communications.)
  • Aerodrome Passenger Service  + (For example, medical facilities located at the aerodrome, or hotels located near the aerodrome.)
  • Aeronautical Responsible Authority Type  + (For example, the airspace is under the jurisdiction of the Organization/Authority, or the airspace is delegated to the Organization/Authority for the provision of Air Traffic Services (ATS).)
  • Airspace Identifier  + (For example, the identifier of the Danger Area, Prohibited Area, or Temporary Segregated Area.)
  • Focus area  + (For example, within the Capacity KPA one can identify network capacity, airport capacity and airspace capacity as Focus Areas. There may be a need to define hierarchical groupings of Focus Areas.)
  • Aircraft Stand Designator  + (For example: '13' or '84 A'.)
  • Aeronautical Organization Identifier  + (For example: 'CA' = Canada; 'FAA' = Federal Aviation Administration; 'UK' = United Kingdom; 'ICAO' = International Civil Aviation Organization.)
  • Instrument Landing System Facility Performance Category  + (For example: CAT I, CAT II, or CAT III.)
  • Special Navigation System  + (For example: DECCA or LORAN.)
  • Special Navigation System Type  + (For example: DECCA or LORAN.)
  • Distance Measuring Equipment Type  + (For example: DME/N, DME/W, or DME/P.)
  • Global Navigation Satellite System  + (For example: GLONASS, GPS, WAAS, or EGNOS.)
  • Navigation Service Checkpoint Type  + (For example: INS, VOR, or GNSS.)
 (For example: In, Out, or On Border)