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4D Contract +An ATC clearance that prescribes the containment of the trajectory in all 4 dimensions for the period of the contract during which the uncertainty associated with future predicted position does not increase with the prediction horizon:  +
4D Trajectory +A set of consecutive segments linking published waypoints and/or pseudo waypoints computed by air or ground tools (Flight Operations Centre system, aircraft Flight Management System, ground Trajectory Predictor) to build the lateral transitions and the vertical profiles. Each point is defined by a longitude, latitude, a level and a time.  +
4DWxCube +A virtual repository of MET information, produced by multiple contributors (MET service providers), from diverse locations, that will provide end users with a common weather picture.  +


A-SMGCS capacity +The maximum number of simultaneous movements of aircraft and vehicles that the system can safely support with an acceptable delay commensurate with the runway and taxiway capacity at a particular aerodrome.  +
ACC nominal capacity +Computed capacity derived from declared capacity of the individual sectors within the ACC.  +
ACC nominal saturated capacity +Theoretical maximum ACC capacity at the point where every sector is saturated.  +
ACC nominal zero delay capacity +ACC capacity at the point where the first sector becomes saturated.  +
ACC observed capacity +Effective capacity assessed from the observed air traffic, and the actual ATFM delays, using the CASA algorithm of the Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU).  +
ADS-C ETA min/max report +the [[ADS-C]] report containing the earliest and latest values of ETA computed by the aircraft system on the point specified by ATC (e.g. IAF).  +
ADS-C Extended Projected Profile +the ADS-Contract for [[EPP data]].  +
AIRAC AIP amendment +Permanent changes to the information contained in the AIP which are published in accordance with AIRAC procedures.  +
AIRAC AIP supplement +Temporary changes to the information contained in the AIP which are published by means of special pages in accordance with AIRAC procedures.  +
AIRMET +information concerning en-route weather phenomena which may affect the safety of low-level aircraft operations.  +
AIRMET information +Information issued by a meteorological watch office concerning the occurrence or expected occurrence of specified en-route weather phenomena which may affect the safety of low-level aircraft operations and which was not already included in the forecast issued for low-level flights in the flight information region concerned or sub-area thereof.  +
AIS message +AFTN Message composed according to the rules in Annex 10, made up of a maximum of 1800 characters and containing a single NOTAM or an [[ASHTAM]] or a [[SNOWTAM]] or an unformatted service message inherent to AIS operative requests interchanged between NOF, originators, clients and/or NPU.  +
ALSF-1 +Approach Light System with Sequenced Flashing Lights in ILS Cat-I configuration.  +
ALSF-2 +Approach Light System with Sequenced Flashing Lights in ILS Cat-II configuration. The ALSF-2 may operate as an SSALR when weather conditions permit.  +
AMC-Manageable Area +an area subject to management and allocation by an AMC at Level 2.  +
ASAS-Crossing and Passing +An ASAS application presenting the controller with an opportunity to devolve the crossing and passing task to the pilot, on an individual aircraft basis, whilst retaining responsibility for separation from other aircraft.  +
ASAS-Self Separation +In ASAS Self-Separation the aircrew are the designated separator for a defined segment of a flight during which they shall assure airborne separation between themselves and all other aircraft.  +
ASAS-Separation +An ASAS application in which the role of separator is temporarily delegated to aircrew to assure airborne separation with regard to other aircraft under specific circumstances  +
ASAS-Sequencing and Merging +An ASAS application that enables flight crew to maintain their position in a sequence previously determined by a controller or to merge their routes onto a single, predefined, route.  +
ASAS-Spacing +An ASAS spacing provision mode in which the separation responsibility remains with the Controller and the flight crew are instructed to maintain a specified time or distance from a designated aircraft, usually the preceding aircraft in the arrival or departure stream.  +
ASHTAM +A special series NOTAM notifying by means of a specific format change in activity of a volcano, a volcanic eruption and/or volcanic ash cloud that is of significance of aircraft operations  +
ATC Flight Plan Change message +message sent by the [[IFPS]] system after reception of an AFP or FNM/MFS, if the route is different to the route in the [[Flight plan]] already in the system.  +
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