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An office designated to provide meteorological service for international air navigation.

Definition Source

ICAO (2010), Annex 3, Meteorological Service for International Air Navigation


A meteorological office and/or aerodrome meteorological office carries out all or some of the following functions to meet the needs of flight operations at aerodromes:

— prepare and/or obtain forecasts and other relevant information (e.g. aerodrome warnings and wind shear warnings and alerts)...;

— prepare and/or obtain forecasts of local meteorological conditions (e.g. aerodrome forecasts (TAF));

— maintain a continuous survey of meteorological conditions over the aerodromes for which it is designated to prepare forecasts;

— provide briefing, consultation and flight documentation to flight crew members and/or other flight operations personnel;

— supply other meteorological information to aeronautical users, including associated ATS units (usually TWRs and APPs);

— display the available meteorological information;

— exchange meteorological information with other meteorological offices; and

— supply information received on pre-eruption volcanic activity, a volcanic eruption and volcanic ash cloud to its associated air traffic services unit, aeronautical information services unit and meteorological watch office as agreed between the meteorological, aeronautical information service and ATS authorities concerned.

Note Source

ICAO (2008), doc. 9377 Manual on Coordination between Air Traffic Services, Aeronautical Information Services and Aeronautical Meteorological Services