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A single point of access to validated ATM terminology

The EUROCONTROL ATM Lexicon offers the whole aeronautical community single access to a terminology tool containing ATM-related terms and their validated definitions.

Based on a semantic MediaWiki platform, it also provides an environment where experts can make their own contributions and discuss new concepts and definitions.</big>

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A growing ATM lexicon waiting for your contribution

“One sky - one term“ is what we are aiming for with our very own lexicon for ATM - a field that is constantly having to deal with new technical terms and definitions.

Are we being a little over-ambitious? Maybe - but it is precisely because experts don’t always agree on concepts, meanings and definitions that there is a need for the collection, validation and harmonisation of expert knowledge within a single tool.

The current EUROCONTROL ATM Lexicon is a beta version containing a start-up corpus of terms and definitions.

It is updated regularly, containing over 1500 terms.