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The rights of a user for this wiki depend on whether you are logged in or not, and to which user group you belong. Only professional users can obtain a user account. There are several user groups, with different privileges in the wiki.

User groups

User group Description
* Implicit group for everybody who hasn't logged in. An anonymous user has only read rights for all namespaces
User Implicit group for all logged-in users. A logged-in user who doesn't belong to one of the explicit defined groups has read rights for all namespaces, and the right to create or edit Discussion pages
Author An Author has besides the rights of a User also the right to edit pages in the namespaces Main, Image and Work in progress. An Author can also add new pages in the namespace Work in progress, upload images and edit the Image description pages.
Administrator An Administrator has besides the rights of an Author also the right to move articles and to protect articles from editing, also for the MediaWiki namespace. Furthermore an Administrator has all other functional and technical rights in the wiki.