Welcome to the electronic Human Performance repository

Humans will be central in the future European ATM system and Human Performance (HP) is a key driver of ATM performance. ATM technologies are significantly changing within the context of SESAR and these advances change procedures and practices, the work environment and the roles and responsibilities of the respective actors. Overall performance of the new systems can be increased if principles for addressing Human Performance issues are applied. 

The HP repository will provide a necessary supplement to the SESAR HP reference material (provided in SESAR Project 16.06.05) to address Human Performance issues adequately in the design, development and operation of future ATM systems.

What is the HP Repository?

If you are a partner of a SESAR WP 4-15, a Project Manager or a HF expert supporting one of these projects, this repository will help you conduct the Human Performance (HP) activities that are required within the framework of the HP assessment and outlined in the HP reference material.

The Human Performance repository provides a selected set of standard resources consisting of guidelines, methods, models, tools, and techniques that can help you in delivering a more comprehensive HP assessment and in assisting projects to answer HP related questions. The reference material is intended to be used by SESAR WP4-15 projects during design, development and validation.

Each resource in the HP repository is described in detail to help you to decide which one is the most appropriate to be used for the HP assessment in your project. The description includes aspects such as an explanation of how to use the resource, the advantages and disadvantages in using it, a set of associated references, etc.

How do I use the HP Repository?

Within the framework of the HP assessment you apply in your project you will conduct certain HP activities (e.g. workload assessment; situational awareness assessment etc). In the HP repository under the term HP Activity Categories you will find the most commonly used resources for these assessments. Select the topic you are interested in, click on the required resource and find the information that helps you to select the most appropriate means for your HP assessment.

If you are not sure yet which activity you would like to conduct you can search by keywords, e.g. workload, situational awareness, etc. The HP Repository will offer you different resources that fit your search criteria.

If you know the name of the specific guideline, method, model, technique or tool but you are not sure where to find it or you would like to know further details, you can also run the search by typing the specific resource name.