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What is available

The Wiki has been upgraded to show version 5.1 of the Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM). The initial content has been generated from the AIXM 5.1 UML model: there is one page ("article") for each diagram and class from the UML model. In addition, we have recuperated and updated some of the previous extra content: AIXM XML examples and the "Temporality Concept" document. This is the baseline. On top of that, we are now aiming to the development of additional explanatory material, guidelines, mappings, FAQ, etc. - in other words, the true AIXM "wiki"!

Even if this is just the beginning, we hope that the current content will already offer you a more convenient way of consulting/browsing the AIXM 5.1 UML model. The Wiki is organised in "spaces": 

  • AIXM Space
    • you will find one article for each AIXM 5.1 class, data type or diagram
    • AIXM UML in EA format - a draft version of the AIXM 5.1 UML model using Sparx EA
    • AIXM UML clases/properties list as Excel - if of any interest, the Excel file contains the list of AIXM UML classes and their properties (attributes and associations)
    • AIXM UML as a high-level diagram - an attempt to show the high-level structure and the scope of the AIXM model in the form of a pseudo-hierarchical diagram.
    • AIXM 5.1 data sources - sources of AIXM 5.1 data, including samples and operational data
    • AIXM 5.1 changes - you will find the list of changes that were implemented in AIXM 5.1.
    • AIXM 5.1 Business Rules - this section provides information about available sets of business rules which can be used to perform a semantic validation of AIXM 5.1 datasets.
  • Applications Space
    • BasicMessage
    • Mappings - this section provides information about the mapping/conversion rules between the latest AIXM 5.1 version and other formats, in particular previous AIXM versions, AIP structure, Airport Mapping requirements (EUROCAE ED99A) etc.
  • Extensions Space
    • MXIA - implements all AIXM associations in the reverse direction (opposite to the navigability of an association in the AIXM UML model)
    • Eurocontrol eASM - documentation about an European extension of AIXM 5.1, intended to cover the specific needs of data exchange between tools used for civil/military the airspace management process.
  • Trials and Implementations Space
    • Digital SNOWTAM Trial - This section contains information about the Digital (Graphical) SNOWTAM Trial. The information contained in SNOWTAM messages is converted into AIXM 5.1 data, which is then presented graphically.

If you are interested to contribute to the further development of the AIXM Wiki, please read this article.

How to use the Wiki

The most important function of a the Wiki is probably the search... function, which is available from any page, in the upper right corner. For example, type "AirportHeliport" in the search field and press "Enter"! You will get a list of all articles that contain the keyword "AirportHeliport".

Some things to remember when browsing the Wiki

More about this ... - you will see this link on top right of many pages, frequently followed by a question mark. If you click, you will arrive on an empty page that says that you cannot log-in. It is a placeholder for an article that is expected to be written in future and that will explain/comment the AIXM UML model item. This separation was necessary in order to protect the part of the Wiki that has been automatically generated from the AIXM UML model, to enable updates at future versions. For the moment, there are only very few pages that have some content on the "More about this..." link: see AIXM.Class_Airspace for an example;

  • All UML diagrams are "click-able", meaning that if you move the mouse over a class, you will see a link towards the Wiki article that details that class.
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