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This project was originally started in 2009, as a trial. The aim was to demonstrate the value of digital NOTAM data, in particular the possibility to automatically generate graphical representations of the information. At the end of the initial trial phase, the part of the application that converts SNOWTAM into AIXM 5.1 and presents the information graphically was kept alive and made available as an Eurocontrol pilot service

The application can be used for awareness only, not for taking operational decisions! The screenshots below indicate the two main capabilities of the application. Access to the application may be granted to pilots, airline operational centres, airport managers, NOTAM offices and other operational staff, on request (by e-mail to

  • provide an overview of the SNOWTAM information for the a whole region (with focus on Europe). This includes a "one-click access" to the original SNOWTAM (as received from the European AIS database) and its textual decoding;
  • present the detailed situation of a selected airport.
    snowtam223-overview.png snowtam223-ESSA.png

User Manual

The Digital SNOWTAM Trial User Manual is available for download here: DigitalSNOWTAMTrial-UserManualv2.2.3.pdf

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