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AIXM_WX Profile

AIXM_WX is an AIXM Profile for use in the weather community.  This profile is based on AIXM 5.1, which was released on 2010-02-01.  As an AIXM profile, this schema is identical to AIXM 5.1 except that unneeded AIXM content has been removed.  This profile may be used in XML schemaLocations as an alternative to the original AIXM 5.1 schema.

The AIXM_WX profile contains those portions of AIXM that are needed to identify and locate aeronautical regions related to weather reporting.  This profile includes a selected set of properties from the following AIXM types:

  • AirportHeliport
  • Airspace
  • AirspaceVolume
  • Runway
  • RunwayDirection
  • Unit

Two files differ from the original AIXM versions: AIXM_Features.xsd and AIXM_DataTypes.xsd. All other files are unchanged.

The AIXM_WX profile schema is available for online validation from the following location:

Some WXXM (2.0) examples of weather data that use the AIXM_WX profile are provided below:

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