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How to contribute

Last modified by EDUARD POROSNICU on 2010/03/17 17:22

There are several ways to contribute to the further development of this AIXM Wiki:

  • the simplest way to contribute is by using it and making comments, suggestions and asking questions on the AIXM Forum; this will help us identify the areas of the model that need to be better explained with priority;
  • if you want to help editing the content of the Wiki, you will need to use the "editable" version, which is available through the EUROCONTROL Extranet. In fact, both versions share the same database - any change made in the editable version being replicated in maximum 30 minutes to the read-only version. This set-up, with a read-only and an editable versions, was necessary due to security concerns of our IT department. 

Please send an e-mail to ais.aixm @ if you want to join the AIXM Wiki editing group and we will enable your access.

Created by EDUARD POROSNICU on 2010/03/17 11:08

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