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AIXM Validator (Schema and Business Rules)

Besides schema-validity, a validator service checks data sets for compliance with the business rules. Business rules are complex dependencies and domain specific requirements that must be satisfied by AIXM datasets. These rules cannot be expressed using XML Schema (XSD), but are encoded using SBVR and can be actually checked with Schematron language and custom XPath function. A validator service that uses Schematron rules based on the rule set from the ongoing efforts in the EUROCONTROL AIXM Business Rules community project is provided by

Route Segment Validation Service (RSVS)

The Geodetic Calculation Services (GCS), developed by SOLITEC Software Solutions GesmbH is an OGC compliant Web Processing Service (WPS 1.0.0). GCS provides several calculation routines based on FAA TERPS (8260.58) such as Direct, Inverse and Intersection.

One special service provided GCS is the Route Segment Validation service. It calculates the true track, magnetic track and length of the route segments of a route and validates it against the data provided in an AIXMBasicMessage, or any other AIXM 5.1 application schema. As an output the given (provided) value, the calculated value and the difference between the two values are returned. The Calculations are done using the EnRouteSegmentPoint end and start of a RouteSegment. In addition a check is made, if the positions of the EnRouteSegmentPoint match with those provided in the Curve element. Deviations are reported.

In addition, the Route Segment Validation Service is also available as web application with a corresponding Graphical User Interface (GUI) and map visualisation.  

Detailed Documentation about the Route Segment Validation service and GCS can be downloaded via the following link:

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