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[feature] RuleProcedure

Last modified by EDUARD POROSNICU on 2012/07/27 13:11
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<aixm:RulesProcedures xmlns:xlink="" xmlns:aixm="" xmlns:gml="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="" gml:id="urn.uuid.dd062d88-3e64-4a5d-bebd-89476db93bea">
	<gml:identifier codeSpace="urn:uuid:">dd062d88-3e64-4a5d-bebd-89476db93bea</gml:identifier>
		<aixm:RulesProceduresTimeSlice gml:id="abc01">
				<gml:TimePeriod gml:id="vtnull0">
					<gml:endPosition indeterminatePosition="unknown"/>
				<gml:TimePeriod gml:id="ltnull0">
					<gml:endPosition indeterminatePosition="unknown"/>
				<n1:auto-generated_for_wildcard xmlns:n1=""></n1:auto-generated_for_wildcard>
				<x:div xmlns:x="" xmlns:xlink="">
					<x:div id="N-d0e971" Number="auto" Updated="No">Baggage or articles belonging to disembarking passengers and
crew are immediately released except for those selected for inspection
by the customs authorities. Such baggage will be cleared on the
basis of an oral declaration except in the case of returning citizens.</x:div>
					<x:div id="N-d0e974" Number="auto" Updated="No">No customs formalities are normally required on departure.</x:div>
					<x:div id="N-d0e983" Number="auto" Updated="No">No documents or visas are required of passengers arriving
and departing on the same through flight or transferring to another
flight at the same or a nearby airport.</x:div>
					<x:div id="N-d0e986" Number="auto" Updated="No">A person entering .......... (State) for the purpose of immigration
must hold a valid passport and an immigration visa, the latter being
issued at .......... (State) consulates abroad. Temporary visitors
must be in possession of a valid passport, with the exception of
the following nationals from whom existing official documents of
identity, such as expired passports, national registration cards
or alien resident permits, are acceptable in lieu of a valid passport: .......... (specify).</x:div>
					<x:p Updated="No">(No) entrance visas are required from temporary
visitors, with the exception of the nationals of the following States: .......... (specify).</x:p>
					<x:p Updated="No">The standard ICAO embarkation/disembarkation
card is (or is not) required from the following States: .......... (specify).</x:p>
					<x:div id="N-d0e995" Number="auto" Updated="No">For flight crew members on scheduled services who keep possession
of their licences when embarking and disembarking, remain at the
airport where the aircraft has stopped or within the confines of
the cities adjacent thereto, and depart on the same aircraft or
on their next regularly scheduled flight out of .......... (State),
the crew member licence or certificate is accepted in lieu of a
passport or visa for temporary admission into .......... (State).
This provision is also applicable if the crew member enters .......... (State)
by other means of transport for the purpose of joining an aircraft.</x:div>
					<x:div id="N-d0e998" Number="auto" Updated="No">No departure formalities are required for embarking passengers</x:div>
				<aixm:Note gml:id="id36">
						<aixm:LinguisticNote gml:id="id37">
							<aixm:note lang="en-gb">Copied from eAIP Donlon GEN 1.3</aixm:note>
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