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"MXIA" (opposite associations between AIXM features)

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The AIXM schema was intended to be used primarily for data maintenance operations, such as updating the clients about individual data changes. The navigability of the associations in the AIXM UML Model was defined with a "child knows the parent" approach. The objective was that a change of a feature property affects the minimum possible number of other features.

This way of navigating the data is less appropriate for "reporting" applications, where the typical query is top-down. The purpose of the MXIA extension is to support the encoding of the data with a "parent knows the children" approach, which might be useful for certain implementations.


This AIXM 5.1 extension supports the encoding of all associations between features in the opposite direction, as compared with the navigability of that association in the AIXM UML model. The name of this extension tries to suggest this, being in fact the A-I-X-M abbreviation, written in the opposite direction emoticon_smile 

For example, in the AIXM XML schema the Runway element contains a child element that points (xlink:href) to the AirportHeliport where that runway is situated. The MXIA extension provides the opposite association: the AirportHeliport mxia: extension provides an element that contains an xlink:href towards all its runways.


The MXIA schema was generated automatically from the AIXM schema and is available under


Developers that have used this extension are warmly encouraged to share their experience through the AIXM Forum, in particular with regard to the difficulties related to maintaining the opposite associations in a database. 

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