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Class - NavigationArea

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Class - NavigationArea

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An area specified by sectors with altitude or procedure descent gradient limitations for omnidirectional departures or Pilot navigation area.

List of attributes

Name Data Type Definition
navigationAreaType CodeNavigationAreaType Indicates what type of area is defined; omnidirectional area, pilot navigation area.
minimumCeiling ValDistanceVerticalType The minimum cloud base needed when using this departure navigation area.
minimumVisibility ValDistanceType The minimum visibility needed when using this departure navigation area.

Navigable associations from NavigationArea

Association Multiplicity Role To Role description
protects 0..1 departure StandardInstrumentDeparture (ICAO) A designated instrument flight rule (IFR) departure route linking the aerodrome or a specific runway of the aerodrome with a specified significant point, normally on a designated ATS route, at which the en-route phase of a flight commences.
isDefinedBy 0..* sector NavigationAreaSector A subdivision of the Navigation Area designed to provide safety.
isBasedOn 0..1 centrePoint SignificantPoint The point which the navigation area is based on.
hasAnnotations 0..* annotation Note

Used By (diagrams)

NavigationArea Diagram

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