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AIXM 5.1 - Changes

Last modified by Administrator on 2010/03/02 13:57
IDchange proposal
5.1-01New feature - AeronauticalGroundLight
5.1-02Modify feature - GateStand
5.1-03Modify association - AirportHeliport management
5.1-04Approach lighting as sub-type of ground lighting system
5.1-05Obstacles with synchronised lighting
5.1-06Contact address model review
5.1-07Vertical structure material
5.1-08New HotSpot feature
5.1-09Nose-in guidance at aircraft stands
5.1-10Airport certification
5.1-11Runway centreline point - review
5.1-12Airport marking condition
5.1-13Organisation association review
5.1-14Vertical structure part - review
5.1-15Navaid purpose
5.1-16Remove AirspaceAssociation
5.1-17Reverse association of SafeAltitudeArea
5.1-18Procedure distance type - list of values
5.1-19Altitude adjustment type - list of values
5.1-20Remove TerrainPoint
5.1-21SafeAltitudeArea association with AirportHeliport
5.1-22MissedApproachLeg association with ApproachCondition
5.1-23FAS Data block - review
5.1-24FinalLeg - offset attributes
5.1-25Route designator review
5.1-26New feature - RulesProcedures>New feature - RulesProcedures
5.1-27Movement area element types
5.1-28ILS sub-categories>ILS sub-categories
5.1-29Designated point type
5.1-30Replacement of descriptions with notes and structured attributes
5.1-31Allow OTHER:MY_VALUE in enumerations>OTHER in enumerations
5.1-32Using ISO Language Codes
5.1-33Fuel types - open list>Fuel types - open list
5.1-34Surface material and preparation
5.1-35Schedules and Temporality - concept review>Schedules and Temporality - concept review
5.1-36Timesheet revision
5.1-37SurfaceContamination model update
5.1-38Additional uom values
5.1-39TACAN component limitation
5.1-40Morse code for marker
5.1-41Harmonisation of Usage classes
5.1-42Flight characteristics - revision>Flight characteristics - revision
5.1-43Aircraft characteristics - revision
5.1-44Direction Finding equipment
5.1-45Flight restrictions of type "allowed"
5.1-46Editorial corrections
There is also a list of final corrections, which could be of some interest.
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