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This space is dedicated to providing coding guidelines for the ICAO Obstacle Data Sets in AIXM 5.1/5.1.1 format. High-level coding guidelines were already provided through the eTOD Manual of EUROCONTROL. More detailed coding guidelines (with a similar approach as for the AIP data set) are in development and will be provided on this site in the course of 2019.

A formal mapping into AIXM 5.1/5.1.1 of the Obstacle Data Set subject/properties, as specified in the PANS-AIM (ICAO DOC 10066) is now available, as the first element of the coding guidelines.

Concerning the status of the coding guidelines

The Obstacle data sets coding guidelines will be initially published with PROPOSED status. EUROCONTROL intends to start a formal consultation process, with the objective to release a formal Obstacle Data Sets - AIXM Coding Specification in 2021. Although the exact content and structure of the intended Specification remains to be defined through further consultation with the stakeholders, it is likely that it will include only the mapping and the data set verification rules. Guidance on the coding of particular cases will probably continue to be provided through this collaboration area.

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