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A Specimen AIP Data Set is provided in order to exemplify the coding guidelines on a concrete case. The content of the Specimen AIP Data Set is based on the fictitious Specimen AIP provided with the ICAO AIS Manual (DOC 8126)[1], also known as the "DONLON" data. When needed, the ICAO DONLON data has been altered or extended (e.g. to correct errors such as wrong coordinates or to provide additional features that are not contained in the ICAO data such as TACAN, displaced threshold, airspace aggregations, etc). It will constantly be updated and enhanced in order to provide examples for various situations that might exist in the real world.

This fictitious set of digital AIS data sets complies with the ICAO Annex 15, 16th edition and the new PANS-AIM provisions. The DONLON AIP Data Set is coded in AIXM 5.1.1 format and complies with the AIXM coding guidelines.


This data is entirely fictitious, located somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It shall NEVER BE USED AS OPERATIONAL DATA. There is no Donlon airport in the middle of the Atlantic!!!

In addition to an initial Donlon data set, this reference implementation also includes:

  • a series of fictitious updates, which provide a reference implementation for the AIXM 5.1.1 Temporality use cases;
  • Digital NOTAM coding examples, which are developed in support to version 2.0 of the Digital NOTAM Specification.


The gml:id and the xlink:title naming applied in the DONLON AIXM 5.1.1 AIP data set Specimen file are for the convenience of looking up information only, but must not be seen as a recommendation of how to code these elements for real-life AIP data sets!

Usage in relation with the coding guidelines

Fragments of the DONLON AIP Data Set are used throughout the AIXM coding guideline pages when needed and are marked as such.

At the end of some coding guidelines pages you may also find a list of relevant examples which are part of the DONLON AIP Data Set, including a corresponding XPath expression that allows to search for this data in the AIXM DONLON file. A complete list of all examples part of the DONLON AIXM data file can be found on page Consolidated List of Coding Examples.

Where to find it

The complete DONLON AIP Data Set is not stored on this AIXM Confluence but on GitHub. The reason for that is to allow a version controlled process for updating the DONLON AIP Data Set.

Below you find a link to the AIXM GitHub area, where you will also find the DONLON AIP Data Set:

From this page you can download a copy of the latest version of  DONLON AIP Data Set.

The file name is EA_AIP_DS_FULL_20170701. It follows the defined naming conventions for AIP Data Sets (see also page Data set files).

Usage scenarios

The Donlon AIP Data Set Specimen can be used to exemplify typical usage scenarios, which are likely to occur on the data user side.

Verify it for completeness/correctness

The AIXM XML Schema enables checking the syntactical correctness of an AIP data set in AIXM format. For example, the image below show the successful validation of the DONLON AIP Data Set Specimen by using the Oxygen XML Editor. It is expected that this basic check will be done both by the data providers prior to making the file available to the clients and by the data users, before using the data set for their operations.

A syntactically correct file could further be verified for completeness and semantic correctness. This is supported by the AIXM Business Rules concept and it can be practically done using an AIXM validation service. At present, the AIXM business rules for the AIP Data Set are still in development, based on the rules stated in the coding instructions for each subject. In addition, a prototype data validation service that will be provided by Eurocontrol, expected to be available around September 2019.

Ingest in a local system/tool 

This is the main intended use of an AIP Data Set. Obviously, this requires the availability of a system/tool able to understand the AIXM 5.1.1 coding. The Donlon AIP Data Set Specimen can be used as test data for such systems.

Direct visualisation

To a certain extent, it is possible to visualise directly the data contained in an AIP Data Set. With the AIP Data Set Specimen, this can be demonstrated using one of the following free AIXM viewers:

Luciad AIXM 5 Viewer


In order to be able to load the AIXM 5.1.1 file, you need to change the namespaces from AIXM 5.1.1 to AIXM 5.1.

Snowflake ATM Viewer


In order to be able to load the AIXM 5.1.1 file, you need to change the namespaces from AIXM 5.1.1 to AIXM 5.1.

Extract tabular data (CSV)

An AIP Data Set may be used with relatively simple tools, such as a series of XSLT scripts, in order to extract lists of designated points, navaids, etc. An example of such scripts are provided here:

For example, the file EA_AIP_DS_FULL_20170701_DesignatedPoint.csv was extracted from the Donlon AIP Data Set Specimen and it contains in CSV format the list of all DesignatedPoint records:

valid from, valid until, Name-code designator, Coordinates, Remarks
2017-07-01T00:00:00Z, , TEMPO, 565024.00N 0295136.00W, 
2017-07-01T00:00:00Z, , ABOLA, 454236.00N 0351012.00W, 
2017-07-01T00:00:00Z, , ATLIM, 544306.00N 0470000.00W, 
2017-07-01T00:00:00Z, , UKORO, 405524.00N 0364848.00W, 
2017-07-01T00:00:00Z, , VEGAT, 492130.00N 0210760.00W, 
2017-07-01T00:00:00Z, , EBOTO, 423006.00N 0260054.00W, 
2017-07-01T00:00:00Z, , BARIM, 423006.00N 0370006.00W, 
2017-07-01T00:00:00Z, , SANOK, 412448.00N 0300306.00W, 
2017-07-01T00:00:00Z, , ODMUS, 492130.00N 0200900.00W, 
2017-07-01T00:00:00Z, , ILURU, 500112.00N 0413648.00W, 
2017-07-01T00:00:00Z, , BOR10, 513145.42N 0333320.38W, 
2017-07-01T00:00:00Z, , 5275N, 520000.00N 0750000.00W, 
2017-07-01T00:00:00Z, , TORSU, 520000.00N 0100000.00W, 
2017-07-01T00:00:00Z, , EADH, 521720.00N 0320206.00W, 


1. 1

ICAO, DOC 8126 - Aeronautical Information Service Manual, Sixth Edition, 2003

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