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These pages contain the AIXM 5 data content coding guidelines for obstacle data sets. The objective of the coding guidelines is to explain how the obstacle data is coded in




not how the obstacle data is originated. For example, the coding guidelines explain how to code a multi-part obstacle, but not when a multi-part obstacle needs to be used in relation with the real world object. The selection of a single-part or multi-part approach for the obstacle coding is subject to data origination specifications, such as the eTOD Manual.

The coding guidelines are written in regard to the provision of a full Obstacle data set, i.e. assuming that the data are provided as AIXM 5 BASELINE timeslices. Considerations regarding the provision of data as PERMDELTA or TEMPDELTA timeslices are not made unless explicitly mentioned in the guidelines (For detailed information about the different interpretations of AIXM 5 timeslices see the document AIXM Temporality Concept

  which can be accessed at

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