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The following table details how the requirements are applied for each of the different forms of ICAO digital data set.

AIPobstacleaerodrome mappinginstrument flight procedureterrain
DS-META-000 - How to Provide Metadataapplicableapplicableapplicableapplicable

Note. Terrain data set metadata is not in the scope of this group. 

The TOD manual (3.0) has F.2 SAMPLE DATA PRODUCT SPECIFICATION OF DIGITAL TERRAIN DATA SET DONLON AIRPORT and Specimen metadata set of a DTM (The metadata is aligned with the guidance in section 5.3 and describes an Area 1 DTM with a grid spacing of 30 arc seconds.)

DS-META-001 - Name of providerapplicableapplicableapplicableapplicable
DS-META-002 - Date and time when providedapplicableapplicableapplicableapplicable
DS-META-003 - Validity of the data setapplicableapplicableapplicableapplicable
DS-META-004 - Indication that this is an AIRAC updateapplicablenot applicableapplicableapplicable
DS-META-005 - Limitations on useapplicableapplicable applicableapplicable
DS-META-006 - Temporal reference systemapplicableapplicable applicableapplicable
DS-META-007 - Geographical extent of the data setapplicableapplicableapplicableapplicable
DS-META-008 - Data integrity assurance levelnot applicableapplicable not applicablenot applicable
OB-META-001 - Horizontal confidence levelnot applicableapplicablenot applicablenot applicable
OB-META-002 - Vertical confidence levelnot applicableapplicablenot applicablenot applicable