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AIXM 5.2 .eap file version

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 13:31 UTC

Initial version, provided by Pulsar Consulting in 2016, as a corrected XMI export

Note: an internal correction was made to the file in order to resolve an issue of some internal references that were affecting the correctness of the XMI exports

Todo: before making any modifications, test if this file generates an identical copy of the

The XSD generation was tested by Nick Tinsley (Cirium). There is a non-blocking issue related to the order of attributes in the XSD. The name, type, etc. attributes that appear in the declaration of a child element appear in a different order compared to the previous AIXM 5.1

.1 XSD

(.1). This order is confusing, as the element name is no longer the first. Maybe the issues is due to the import of a modified XMI file. 

Todo: add in the XSLT that re-arranges the elements derived from associations an additional template that re-orders the element declaration attributes as before. Use the script available here: