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(ICAO) Airport Mapping Data Sets

AMD specific coding guidelines are the subject of this Supporting Material.

An explicit list of business rules is not provided but these can be constructed from the common AIXM 5.1 coding guidance lines and associated business rules.

Additional business rules can be taken on board based on AIXM 5.1 business rule profiles and complemented with any of the business rules specified in ED-99() / DO-272().

It should be clear understood that when providing an AMDB the Industry requirements are applicable. It is however also understood that when providing an AMD set in AIXM 5.1 not all AMDB business rules do necessarily apply.


The Aerodrome Mapping Exchange Model (AMXM) is a EUROCAE WG-44 / RTCA SC-217 data exchange specification for Aerodrome Mapping Databases (AMDB).