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ICAO Requirements for AMDIndustry Requirements for AMDBAMD->AMDBAMDB->AMD
ContentPANS-AIM ADCED119() Feature Catalogue

use feature mapping (supporting material)

possibly some information losses

use feature mapping (supporting material)

possibly additional data elements needed (e.g. extensions)


resulting AMDB in fine/medium/course possible

resulting AMD in fine if AMDB in fine

resulting AMD may not meet PANS-AIM Appendix 1 accuracy requirements if AMDB below fine

Business RulesAIXM 5.1 Business RulesED99() Constraints (generic, geometrical, functional)

ED99() Constraints: possibly to be satisfied

ED99() generic: to be checked

ED99() geometry: to be checked

ED99() functional: to be checked

AIXM 5.1 business rules: possibly to be satisified

ED99() generic: passed through

ED99() geometry: passed through

ED99() functional: possibly lost in translation

Data product typedata setdata setno type changeno type change
Data productAMD setAMDBdata product conversiondata product conversion
Data formatAIXM 5.1AMXMformat conversionformat conversion

Data Coding GuideLines

The complexities inherent to the encoding of aeronautical information and lack of harmonised approaches may lead to differences in the data. This in turn may lead to barriers to be surmounted when exploiting digital data in a network context.

To promote the harmonisation of digital data  there is a need for common data coding guidelines. When supported by precise and interpretable business rules, it is then possible to verify the compliance of digital data (e.g. AIXM data sets) versus the common data coding guidelines.

This will then result in more harmonised digital data to the benefit of the consumers of information.

In the context of this AMD supporting material the breakdown of data coding guidelines is as follows:

  • the common data coding guidelines applicable to any AIXM 5.1 encoded data set
  • the specific data coding guidelines applicable for: 
    • AMD sets encoded in AIXM 5.1 (), currently (July 2023) unspecified
    • AMDB as specified in ED-99(), ED-119(), also known as the functional and geometrical constraints

Continue to read about this topic in the section about information exchange models.